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About Me

My name :  Japanes > Aichi Maki

                 Chinese > 爱知真希

Pen name/笔名 : English > Yuan Xuan / Aichi Maki
                         Chinese > 圓絢

Age : 16 (2012)
Birth : 17/5/1996
Horoscope : Taurus
Live : Penang, Malaysia
Hobby : Drawing, Listening song, Decorate my blog...
Ambition : Be a CARTOONIST that everybody know


 Black, White, Pink, Blue, Purple
 Drawing, Design
 Listening song
 Crazy to Animation
 Love, Horror, Funny comics/novels
 Cute/Happy/Sad things...
 Like lively


 Do every things that I don't like
 Copy Cat
 To ignore
 To used to compare with other people
 Nausea foods
 Scare boring and Haven't any friends
 Don't like stay in a too quiet place

(づ^▽^)づ ♥♥♥ I Love My Friends, I Love Anime, I Love My Blog, I Love every things that make my world become Wonderful !! ★★★